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Your Secret Wealth

In Think and Grow Rich” we learned that “All great riches start with an idea” and that burning desire will help us draw upon the higher source for ideas and inspiration.

Earl Nightingale in “Lead The Field” takes the philosophy introduced by Napoleon Hill and adds his own secret ingredients.  He teaches that the magic word in life is “attitude”.  He shows us that it’s not enough to expect great riches; you have to do something to deserve them.  This of course is at the core of Napoleon Hill’s philosophy – always provide more and better service than what you’re paid.

Jay Abraham in You Secret Wealth builds upon what you’ve learned in the classical works of Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale by taking a pragmatic look at how to make these ideas and moments of inspiration pay off.

A Brief Background of Jay Abraham: The nation’s highest-paid marketing consultant, Mr. Abraham regularly works marketing miracles for his clients.  During his career, he has worked with thousands of businesses in hundreds of separate industries.  His clients run the gamut from small business to giants such as Coldwell Banker, Prudential-Bache, Dun and Bradstreet, Citbank, and Sears Roebuck  & Company.   Mr. Abraham specializes in successfully identifying and ethically exploiting a company’s hidden, marketable assets to create windfall opportunities for his clients.

The Premise Behind Your Secret Wealth: Jay Abraham believes that each of us possess at least one, and most often multiple, instant jackpots that are in our grasps.  The problem is recognizing these opportunities and acting upon them.

How often have you gotten an idea and said “wow, I could make a fortune on that”, only to continue about your day and later forget the idea?  Then months or years later you see someone else implementing YOUR idea and making a fortune.

Fact is, we have all had this experience.  Those moments of inspiration where ideas pop into our brains, those unexplained hunches, usually come without warning.  Napoleon Hill’s and Earl Nightingale’s classic works help us to plant seeds of inspiration.

But doing something with these hunches, seeing the “instant jackpot” and how to harvest the financial and personal wealth attached to our ideas, is the subject of Your Secret Wealth.

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