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Omron Body Fat Analyzer

2012 is going to be an exciting year here at Target Reviews.  This week we’ll be breaking new ground in two important areas.

For starters, the Omron Body Fat Analyzer Review is our first review of a physical product

As many of you know, I’ve been a runner for the last sixteen years. Most  runners are fanatics about monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, weight, and body fat.  However, body fat monitors that report body fat percentages have always been problematic for me.  I’ve tried various “scales” that supposedly report body fat.  But for the most part, they proved unreliable and before too long were relegated to simple scale status.

Sure, I can always have my body fat percentages calculated at Urban Active where I’m a member.  But this lacks not only convenience but also flexibility as I don’t go to the club every day.

So when Josh Parker suggested I take a look a the Omron Body Fat Analyzer, he certainly perked my interest.  If Josh feels this product is worth taking a close look at, then maybe there’s something to it.  And who better to write the review than Josh himself.

And this gets us to the second piece of new ground that we’ll be breaking this week.   The Omron Body Fat Anaylzer Review is our first review done by a guest reviewer.  This is a very exciting development here at Target Reviews because the idea of guest reviewers will open new opportunities to review products and services which ordinarily wouldn’t be possible.

Before we get things under way with this review, I would like to say something about the manufacture.  Omron is a great company that makes great products.  I was diagnosed with COPD several years ago and purchased the Omron Ultrasonic Nebulizer.  This nebulizer is battery operated, whisper quiet and can even be used on an airplane.  So naturally, when Josh said the name Omron he got my attention.

So hit the gym or go for a run. We’ll be waiting right here for you when you return.

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